Time for Safari!

Lake Nakuru Flamingos

Time for Safari!


The final stage of our trip was a Safari to Lake Nakuru National Park in the rift valley of Kenya about 160 kilometres north of Nairobi.

The lake is world famous as the location of the greatest bird spectacle on earth – millions of fuchsia pink flamingos who feed on the abundant algae, which thrives in the warm waters.  Scientists reckon that the flamingo population at Nakuru consumes about 250,000 kg of algae per hectare of surface area per year.

Nakuru means “Dust or Dusty Place” in the Maasi language but on this occasion it didn’t live up to its name. Just before we arrived there had been deluge of rain that had washed the algae clean out of the lake – and the birds had flown!  Imagine our disappointment – not one flamingo to be seen – so this picture is courtesy of the net!

But we couldn’t complain – we saw some amazing wildlife including black and white rhino, zebra, buffalo, amazing birds, the endangered Rothchilds giraffe plus a whole family of lions who had just fed on a kill and were frollicking and lazing in the sunshine just metres from the car!  What a sight.

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