Next stop – Mombasa….

Fort Jesus View

Next stop – Mombasa….


After we left Nairobi, we headed for the coast and the wonderful old port of Mombasa.  One of the highlights of the trip was visiting this fascinating city.   We loved the old buildings of the 14th century Fort Jesus which is now a world heritage site.  Between 1631 and 1875 the fort was won and lost nine times by the nations fighting for control of Kenya and combines elements from the Portuguese, Arab, and British invaders.

We then strolled around the old town nearly getting run over by the tuk-tuks which are everywhere.  Plenty of wonderful old stuff to fossick through here.  Driving through the rest of the town was hair raising – traffic was once again heavy and frantic!

Next stop – the famous Mombasa tea auctions…..!

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