About Us

We are a family owned Australian company

We are a family-owned (mum & son) Australian company founded by son Christopher who travelled overseas and became a tea planter in East Africa! Passionate about his product, he has been growing traditional, hand crafted teas for several years. On holiday with mum in Oz one year, and used to drinking outstandingly pure, naturally fragrant and refreshing brews, he decided that Australian tea drinkers deserved something better and East Africa Tea was born!

The tea estate, one of the oldest organic tea estates in the world, is nestled in the foothills of the remote Livingstonia Mountains, which form part of the great African Rift Valley. At an altitude of 7,000 feet, the plants grow slowly to produce a range of unique full-flavoured teas.

The picture opposite shows the stunning location, the factory, the housing, the beautiful dam (bottom left), the lush tea fields and the forests that provide wood for the firing process.

We take our tea drinking very seriously and want you to experience the quality of these teas for yourself. That’s why we keep our prices reasonable and our quantities generous. We will also send you a free sample of one of our most popular teas with your first order, to give you the chance to experience the subtlety of flavour unique to this region.

The leaves are carefully handpicked to bring you the perfect cuppa every time, so just brew a cup of East Africa Tea and its flavour and aroma will speak for itself!