Reviews from our patrons

Finally the tea I’ve been searching for! Your English Breakfast Tea has everything on my wish-list for the perfect cuppa. A lovely rich colour and full flavour enhanced by a clear conscience; not only is it organic but I also know that everyone involved gets a fair deal.

I positively leap out of the bed in the morning to put the kettle on – thank you, East Africa Tea!Judith, WA

If you’ve never tasted African tea do yourself a favour and try it. Its distinctive and delicious flavour is an experience no tea lover should miss. I’m a total convert.Jane, Sydney

I love your tea. I’ve just brewed my second pot for the day and I’m enjoying a euphoric afternoon of work thanks to the magic of your tea. It is quite mild and very ‘smooth’ on the palate. Just like a good aged red wine.Craig, Sydney

Recently I was fortunate that a friend introduced me to East Africa Tea’s Black Orange Pekoe tea. The tea has a distinctive fresh flavour and one that I really enjoy. I also like the fact that the tea is organic and ethically produced.Emma, Perth

On Zanzibar Spice: Delicious, smooth and great with honey! Leaves a nice afterwards tang and buzz on my palette.Andrew, USAAndrew’s personal site

I had searched for so long for a nice, flavoursome green tea. The East Africa Tea blend is just right, with a mild, pleasant taste to it. Perfect. Extremely happy with my purchase. I’ll definitely be getting some more!Gary, Sydney

Very impressed by this green tea! I have enjoyed green tea for many years now, though never had a blend that is so smooth and refreshing as this. The difference is amazing. Many thanks!!Karla, Sydney

Absolutely adore the peppermint tea it is a great pick me up at anytime of the day, so refreshing.Fiona, Sydney

My husband and I think the English Breakfast ‘gunshot’ tea is quite the best tea we’ve ever had – strong, but not too strong, nutty and perfect at any time of day!Kate, Sydney

Just a note to say how much we enjoy your Orange Pekoe Black Tea. We have been drinking it for about 6 months and it is the only tea my wife will drink now!Wayne, Sydney

I have been drinking all kinds of high quality, loose-leaf tea for several years and this is definitely excellent tea. It has a rich and interesting flavour without any bitterness.Pete, Sydney

On Zanzibar Spice: Aroy mak! Delicious with milk and honey, like a soft chai blend with a ginger taste that isn’t too strong.Joelle, Thailand


I have tried this absolutley fantastic Peppermint tea, and it had just the right amount of sting to it. It was real delicious and never gets that bitter taste.

Fantastic and I would recomended it to all tea lovers of peppermint flavor out there!Arash, Sydney

On Zanzibar Spice: This is a perfect tea for the cooler months ahead; warming and lightly spiced.

I highly recommend this tea either with, or without milk.Stephanie, Sydney

For all the earl grey tea enthusiasts out there, you MUST try this one!

I’m often guilty of mixing a lot of sugar in my tea, but it would practically be criminal to do that with this brand. The flavours are perfectly balanced.Stephanie, Sydney

Some of the best tea I’ve ever tasted! The chamomile has to be seen/smelt/tasted to be believed!Tony, Sydney

Additional Accolades
  • Our company has also been featured in the Good Living Guide of Sydney Morning Herald and in Marie Clare magazine.