About our teas

Looking for a high quality tea? You've found it!

We only sell pure unblended organic teas from a single source

Our teas come from one of the oldest organic tea estates in the world and the climate is perfect for growing tender leaves and flowers. Only the two top leaves and the bud are picked to ensure we start with leaves that are full of goodness and vigour. The picture opposite illustrates these traditional hand cultivation practices. These lovely ladies are selecting only the flowers to giveĀ our premium quality Chamomile itsĀ amazing taste and fragrance.

Certified Organic

Production of organic teas is rigidly controlled and constantly monitored and natural organic matter and nutrients are used exclusively. Organic means more than just chemical free, our EU EcoCert certification guarantees that no pesticides, herbicides, inorganic fertilzers or GM materials are used in production of our teas.

Organic Certificate


The estates manage their own harvested water and grow sustainable forests for use in the firing process. The clear mountain air and pristine surroundings of African rainforest combined with traditional hand cultivation methods ensure you are drinking some of the world’s purest teas.


Most teas spend many months in transit via tea auctions and blenders and are warehoused for long periods before they reach our shops. We can guarantee unique freshness of product as our teas are imported direct from the fields with no middleman. This means you are drinking tea that is healthy, vibrant and full of flavour.


The estates are compliant with the Premier Brands Quality Assurance Programme, the Ethical Tea Partnership and the Fairtrade Organisation. This has ensured that workers, smallholders and their families have benefitted from ethical practices. A Workers Committee decides how the premium money should be spent and over the years such projects have included schools, clinics, clean drinking water facilities, social recreational centres and small business development loans.